Question from Savannah F.:

I am taking synthroid once a day and I am about to begin adderall tomorrow. Is this safe?

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Question from Molly N.:

I have smoked for 25 years and have tried to quit several times & failed. I've tried patches, Wellbutrin, gum and cold turkey; I always end up going and buying a pack of smokes anyway. What can I do? I've got to quit, it's affecting my health above all and I just can't afford it anymore. I'd appreciate any advice from someone who has successfully quit. Thanks!

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Question from Camilla Grant: Anyone ever taken Levothyroxine for low thyroid?

Aloysius Coleman wrote:

Did you experience any side effects? Do you have to keep taking it for the rest of your life?,
I'm just wondering because I was just prescribed Levothyroxine 25 mcg and am supposed to take it for 2 months and then go back to the doctor. I ordered synthroid on site

Berenice Grabowski wrote:

Yes, I take Levothyroxine every day for my under-active thyroid. The only side effects you will notice is that you will feel very awake and hungry for breakfast after you take it in the morning, which is how you SHOULD feel in the morning! :),
Under-active thyroid does crazy things, like make you feel less hungry, super tired, your periods could be off if you are female, your nails don't grow, your hair could thin out.. etc etc etc.. after a while of taking the levothyroxine you will notice that you will start to feel much more like your normal self. ,
Since your thyroid does not heal itself, you will have to take some sort of hormone therapy like levothyroxine for the rest of your life. Your doctor is going to monitor you every 6 weeks or so until your TSH and Free T3 and T4 levels even out to where they should be. She may adjust your medicine dosage during this period as well. Its annoying, but minor. 🙂 ,
After your levels even out – this will be after 6 months to a year or maybe even sooner if you're lucky – then you will only have to be tested every 6 months to once a year. I go every 9 months or so for a blood test and a quick 5 minute check up for meds. ,
I have never had any major side effects from taking this medication. The first day or so I noticed I had a slight headache, but that's all. I notice if I miss a dose I am more tired than usual, but this is normal for this medication since low thyroid makes you feel tired. ,
Your doctor will most likely tell you to take this medication first thing in the morning a half hour before you eat something. This is because this medication is easily absorbed by the things you eat and may pass right through without being absorbed into the blood. They also will tell you to stay away from taking any sort of antacid like tums or rolaids for the first hour after you take it for the same reason. :),
This medicine is not scary at all – and will make you feel much better in the long run!! Good luck!! :).

Bridget Burns wrote:

Yes, the doctor will continue to order TSH Blood test to monitor your thyroid and adjust the dose as needed. Average dose for hypothyroid is 125mcg.

Funny Tee Shirts Are The Ultimate In Self-Expression

It was Mark Twain who mentioned, “Clothes make the man. Bare folks have little or no influence on society.” That saying nonetheless rings true, as our society has developed into one which uses apparel as an approach to convey one’s social status. Merely flip via the pages of a woman’s fashion journal to read breathless coverage of the fashion statements being made on the couture runways of Paris, Milan, and New York. Take heed to a gaggle of high school girls decrying the should-have style accent of final season as “so final year.” Even men aren’t proof against the whims of the fashionistas – notably those trend moguls who had been as soon as (or still are) hip hop moguls.

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A Microwave as it is generally uttered refers to kitchen equipment that cooks or heats food by dielectric heating. The food is uniformly and evenly heated throughout the total process of cooking, when compared to different methodology of cooking. Also the meals don’t get brown or black baked as is usually taking place in standard ovens. Pink Microwave refers to the microwave which is in pink colour.

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Your own home cleansing enterprise!

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You possibly might start your own home cleaning enterprise with out purchasing any cleaning gear – you may already have most of what you want in your individual cleaning supplies. Or, in the beginning, you could possibly use your prospects’ supplies. Chances are you’ll have to cost much less for this, but you might find that some owners are very particular about what kind of products and instruments they need used of their home and would rather have you use their gear/merchandise than your own.

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Green tea has been gaining a lot of attention from health-food enthusiasts. The beneficial qualities attributed to green tea range from healing cuts to treating cancer. Some recent scientific studies by various independent groups have addressed the beneficial aspects of green tea overall, including its application for skin problems such as acne.

Health Benefits

Many people point to the fact that teas of all kinds have been a part of Asian cultures for thousands of years, not just for liquid refreshment but for the health benefits of tea leaves. The levels of antioxidants found in tea can be substantiated. According to Harvard Health Publications, besides the antioxidants in green tea, it also has high amounts of tannic acid which is known to reduce swelling and inflammation in dermal tissue, two of the conditions associated with acne. Green tea is also said to reduce the naturally occurring oils present in the skin, as well as acting as a detoxifier in the body. There are also studies which indicate that acne skin creams made from green tea are just as effective as the standard acne skin creams made from Benzoyl peroxide.

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